your truest self in your new language


You’re a bright, vibrant, deep-thinking, deep-feeling human being. You’re also learning a language.

There’s so much going on in your head, all the time. You want to be able to make connections with people, and be your fun, creative, vibrant, multi-passionate self in your new language, but that seems a million miles away from the language level you’re currently at. 

And the world is full of advice about grammar and apps and methods and memorising vocabulary. But that isn’t enough. To discover and express yourself in a world of textbook language feels impossible. All the set phrases mean you can’t express what’s actually in your head. It’s frustrating. You just want to talk about the things you care about and be YOU in your new language. You need a way to bring that language into the happy realm of You, right from the start.

Tea with Me says self-expression should not be a luxury of the advanced student. It’s for all the bright, creative, impatient people with a whole world in their heads, who are tired of grades and levels and certificates being the be-all and end-all, and just want to know what they can do in their language.

Welcome. You’re in the right place. 


Feel comfortable speaking in your new language

Make language learning as bold and creative as you

Tame your inner critic and get out of your own way


I’m Emily, a tiny INFJ who loves languages, tea, travelling, colours and meeting people, and I’m on a mission to help you make language learning more fun, more expressive, and more… you! 

I graduated have a degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics from the University of Oxford and an MA in Applied Linguistics, specialising in Language, Mind and Brain. After eight years of experience teaching English, French, Mandarin and Spanish and a brief spell in the Artificial Intelligence industry, I found myself unemployed at the beginning of the pandemic. In March of 2020, I set about learning Portuguese at home, with no income, no stable home, and a mountain of reasons why the inner critic said I couldn’t.

This year, I founded Tea with Me, to help creative and unconventional language learners splash language into their lives and use it to tell their stories. Through coaching, podcasting, blog posts and books, I help language learners like you to bring your studies to life.

Oi, sou a Emily. Isso não é minha casa ou meu cachorro. Mas, esta sou eu.

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