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The ultimate antidote for the lost linguist!

 It’s easy to get lost in the dense forest of language learning. There are so many possible paths to follow with apps, experts, and “proven techniques” pulling you in every direction. You second guess yourself constantly, and you feel like you need to be doing a hundred things at once, but you can’t even tell if you’re making progress.

You can deal with that for a while, because you want to get fluent, right? But sooner or later, you get sick of constantly marching off the edge of your comfort zone. It’s dark, it’s confusing, you constantly feel lost, and you miss your old life. The one where you did stuff, and you felt like a creative, 3D person with all these thoughts and experiences and expertise. Stuck in a world of textbook set-phrases, it’s hard to still be you.

 Which is where I come in.

 I help creative, bold, multi-passionate language learners to map out their language learning in a way that brings in their creativity, their talents, the things that they love. I make sure that they are doing, making and connecting with people from the start, so that we can transform the whole process from to-do lists and tick boxes into something joyful, colourful and meaningful.  

Here is what we’ll get up to:


See through the fog, and plan a language learning schedule that fits your lifestyle and also gets you where you actually want to go. We can talk about the nitty-gritty of apps, memorisation methods and study techniques, but we’ll also make sure that you’ve got a personalised plan of action that matches your goals, and brings in all the fun, creative, colourful things that energise you, so that you don’t burn out.


If you’re tired of feeling like a walking textbook in your new language, we can brainstorm some short-term projects to fire up your creativity and allow you to express yourself from where you’re at right now. Whether that means connecting with people, creative writing or journaling, art, tracing your family tree, running an RPG campaign or making regular videos, the sky’s the limit! Unconventional people need unconventional ways to make their new language work for them.


Language learning can get overwhelming at times, and it can be really hard to keep going when the inner critic is cringing and criticising in the corner. I’ll be here with tools, tips and Voxer support to guide you through the frustrations, celebrate your successes, and send you encouragement when you need it. Whether you need speaking confidence, motivation, or a break from self-doubt, remember, you don’t have to do this alone!


  • A 1-hour call before we start to get to know each other, figure out exactly what you’re trying to do and see how we can make language learning a happier, brighter experience.


  • 6 hours of calls over 12 weeks to bring your language learning to life. We can discuss techniques, projects, and kickstart your language learning so it feels exciting and purposeful, whatever level you’re at right now.  
  • Recordings and notes after each session you so don’t have to write stuff down.
  • 12 weeks of Voxer office hours to keep you accountable and get you unstuck.
  • A weekly Monday and Friday check-in for a regular dose of motivation and positivity, and a creative prompt if you would like one.
  • A roadmap for your next steps so that you can keep going and keep proving to yourself that this is possible!


Does it matter what language I’m learning?

Nope. I’ve worked with people learning all sorts of languages, some that have lots of resources available, and some where they really have to blaze their own trail. Before we start our sessions together, I’ll send you a questionnaire to find out a bit more about you and your language goals. If you highlight your biggest roadblocks in advance, we can tackle them head-on in our sessions.

Does it matter what level I’m at?

Nope! Ideally you will have already started to learn your language so that you have a good idea of what you like, what you don’t like, and what you find difficult. But beyond that, come as you are!

What if we’re in different time zones?

Although I’m based in England, I work with people all over the world and recent clients include people from Europe, Brazil and Canada and the US. We’ll find a time that suits!

Can you teach me a language?

Tea with Emily is a dedicated space to support all the language learners who want the freedom to learn languages their own way. They might be self-teaching (a lot of my clients are) or they might be attending classes and want to dive deeper and really bring their language into the rest of their life. Our coaching sessions will help you to enjoy your language learning, express what’s in your head and get you unstuck and doing tangible projects in your language, but I am not currently running formal language classes.  

I have more questions!

Send me a message on the Say Hi page and I’ll get back to you! 

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