Work with me


get going (£15)

A relaxed but fun session to get your language learning started. This is for you if you:

– Want to learn a language but don’t know where to start.

– Want to connect the dots between your interests and the masses of language learning resources out there. 

– Want to explore what resources are out there and which will be the best fit for you.

– Want to create a plan that’s sustainable, enjoyable, and fits your current lifestyle.

– Want to formulate some goals for your short-term language learning. 

keep going (£15)

This will be a great fit for you if you 

– Have been studying for a while and feel like your progress is stalling.

– Your old techniques aren’t working for you at the moment, and you don’t know what to try next.

– You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t know what to focus on. 


This is for you if you:

– Have a burning desire to practise your English with me!

– Want to practise speaking, but don’t feel ready to start language exchanges.

– Want to practise speaking, but don’t want to split the time and teach your native language, as you would in a language exchange.

– Want to discuss topics that are advanced or technical.

– Can’t find a native speaker and feel that you need one. 

If the timings don’t suit you or your time zone at present, don’t worry, I’ll keep rotating them. Check back in a few weeks!